Whether it is a bedroom or living room, your kitchen or  a  patio, every corner of interior speaks about your taste life style and choice. Visualizing the interior with your desired material and texture is perhaps the most important thing before stating the  renovation project.
We at PixelPro create high quality photo realistic images of interior based on the floor layout and customer’s desired texture, color and material.
Affordable 3D rendering
Affordable 3D rendering


Having a life-like beautiful exterior of a house or property is the the first most important thing that is needed to create a solid impression to the customers and to the real estate stake holders. We are experienced in creating photo like exterior views including surrounding environments based on architects AutoCad files. Apart from the most common front and side views we are also provide areal views of the property by drone in some selected areas. 

Photo Montage

Photo Montage in 3D rendering is what VFX in film making, compositing a computer generated image to a real world photo or video. It is nothing but creating a 3D view of a property first and then merging it to a photo of real surrounding so seamlessly that it will look like the property has already been made. This process involves two phases, first one is using the floor plan and elevation CAD files to build the model then on second phase we will use the photo of the site to blend them together. We generally use photos taken by customer or present in google earth to create the most realistic blended Photo Montage! 

Affordable 3D rendering

Cut View Floor Plan

Cut view is a common way to create image of a completely furnished floor from top without showing the roof section. This type of image gives the viewer a detail understanding of the interior and exterior space and the possibility of various decorations. Cut view can also be rendered for multiple floors, vertically or horizontally.